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Can COVID19 be prevented?

There are things you can do to reduce your chances of getting COVID-19. Some experts recommend avoiding travel to China or other countries where there are a lot of cases of COVID-19.

You can also lower your risk of infection by avoiding animals and markets that sell animal products.

If someone in your home has COVID-19, there are things you can to do protect yourself: ●Keep the sick person away from others – The sick person should stay in a separate room and use a separate bathroom if possible.

●Use face masks – The sick person should wear a face mask when they are in the same room as other people.

●Be extra careful around body fluids –If any body fluids touch your skin, wash your hands with soap right away.

●Clean often – It's especially important to clean things that are touched a lot.

●Wash hands – Wash your hands with soap and water often Hand washing to prevent spreading illness: - Wet your hands and put soap on them - Rub your hands together for at least 20 seconds. Make sure to clean your wrists, fingernails, and in between your fingers. - Rinse your hands - Dry your hands with a paper towel that you can throw away

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