SudairPharma is a Saudi-based company, established in 2014 for the purpose of building an advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing complex to combat Chronic & Life-Threatening Diseases.

The world has witnessed a continuous fast-paced transformation in health care services reflected positively in a change of life expectancy and the reduction of premature mortality rates, while its negative side is displayed in a higher prevalence of chronic disease rates and more spending on services. Data from the MENA Region in general and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular, suggest a sharp in the demand for healthcare and medical services. A 2002 study by McKinsey & Company showed that the growth rates of chronic diseases may multiply in 2025. The study also predicted an increase in heart disease by 415% and by 275% oncology diseases. Based on this data, we made a commitment to Keep our pharmaceutical manufacturing relevant to the changing disease mapping.

Future medicine is the focus of Sudair City for Pharma Industry and that is to help solve the dilemma of future diseases. The project is divided into several stages, and this summary is dedicated to the first stage which is the establishment of an oncology medicine plant.

A closer look at the cancer problem- estimated by the World Health Organization- reveals a faster increase of cancer incidence rates in the Middle East in comparison to the rest of the world. The Saudi Cancer Registry has recorded an increase of more than12% per annum compared to the global rise which does not exceed 3% per annum. This acceleration is not proportional to a good increase in cancer treatment centers or specialized manufacturers for the production of treatment drugs. This has to be viewed within the lack of factories specializing in manufacturing and producing drugs and medications used in the treatment of cancer, in addition to the scarce resources of such medicines in the entire region.




Bismillah Al Rahman Al Raheem

(In the name of Allah the Merciful)

Welcome to Sudair Pharmaceutical Company (SPC).

SPC is the leading Saudi based Pharmaceutical Company that focuses on specialty care medications and aiming to be part in addressing the unmet medical needs of patients with serious diseases. We had launched our portfolio with special focus on cancer-fighting medications, as years progress, we opted to manufacture high tech medications that would combat the other chronic and life-threatening serious diseases, we want to embody our main goal in establishing SPC as a company that gives HOPE.

When we established SPC in YR 2014, we had embedded in ourselves that we are here to provide Hope as Our Tagline “Implanting Hope for Lives” says it all.

We at SPC do not Give only Hope but rather we turn that Hope into a Reality helping millions of patients in fighting serious diseases.

SPC team is highly qualified diversified professionals working with full enthusiasm to be part in achieving KSA 2030 vision for improving health outcomes of all populations in KSA.

To our patients and customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders, we are committed to providing standard Medicines with affordable Price and guarantees that we deliver!

We operate with high standards of ethical behaviors and transparency with our clients to improve our way of serving them. Finally, we invite you to explore our website, see what we can offer. You may also visit our main office at Alrahmaniyah, daqlah st, building 911 or manufacturing site at Sudiar industrial city.



Best Regards,

Yasser Alobaida,  Founder, CEO


Board of Directors 


President and CEO of Healthcare Development Holding Company (HDH) the healthcare arm of the Saudi Binladen  Group, which  has six subsidiary companies and five international affiliations that are specialized in various healthcare Focused businesses with projects in Saudi Arabia and the region.

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Wael Kaawach


Dr. Yasser is leading SPC Executive Team as CEO of the company, Dr. Yasser was the Director General for Executive Affairs, Security Forces Hospital Program Riyadh, Board Member SAQR "Saudi Scientific Association for Quality Performance & RisR Management in Healthcare Organization" Al Osool Medical Company CEO, and Medical-Legal Consultant CPC "Continuous Pioneering Consulting Office".

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Yasser AlObaida


A well-versed executive with over 18 years of diverse experience in Pharma and Healthcare, passionate about transforming the practice and delivery of healthcare by adopting holistic prospects and developing innovative solutions. Apart from being a board member in Sudair Pharma, Mr. Al Saba is leading the group business development activities in the Healthcare Development Holding Company.

Board Member

Mr. Eiad Al Saba


Thamer Al Saleh, is a Vice President in the Diversified Project Division at Gulf Investment Corporation (GIC). Mr. AlSaleh is responsible For the healthcare and building material sectors of GIC's investment portfolio. Currently, Mr. AISaleh is the Vice Chairman of Gulf Stone Company, board member of KGL Logistics Company.

Vice Chairman of the Board

Mr. Thamer Al Saleh


Mr. Mattar is a seasoned CFO with a proven record of establishing cross-functional partnerships and delivering stellar results. Mr. Matar is a resourceful financial professional with over 25 years of solid experience in financial, investment management and deep experience in external auditing.

Board Member

Mr.Hamdan Mattar


Mr. Saif is the Director, Principal Investments at Gulf Investment Corporation (GIC) and spent 20+ years in Investment Banking and Corporate Development and Strategy roles mostly in North America and the Middle East. Mr. Saif graduated with a Bachelor of Technology degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT-Bombay, Master of Nuclear Engineering and an MBA in Finance .

Board Member

Mr. Anis Saif


Talal has been working in GIC for over 10 years focusing on the GCC markets. Eng. Al-Duaij is Board member in Gulf Jyoti International and was Board member in Gulf Paramount for Electrical Services Company. Eng. Al-Duaij has Successfully divested out of two investment portfolio companies.

Board Member

Eng. Talal AI-Duaij

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